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Dental aesthetics.

Berlindent Zahnreinigung Berlin

Beautiful teeth feel good.

Whether color or shape: We offer everything that makes your smile more beautiful - and helps to keep it as long as possible.

Clean & Brighten

Regular cleaning keeps teeth healthy and ensures a beautiful smile. Whitening makes it even brighter.

Shaping & Correcting

Whether young or older: Straight teeth provide the right bite and let you show your smile to everyone without hesitation.

Berlindent Zahnästhetik Zahnreinigung Berlin

Tooth cleaning

Do something good for your teeth. A professional dental cleaning protects against caries and periodontitis and prevents extensive sanitation in the long term.

It also has an aesthetic effect. Because bright white teeth are considered an expression of health and vitality.

Thanks to the modern AirFlow process, this is not only fast, but also particularly gentle and pleasant.

Do you like it a little brighter? No problem. We also offer bleaching on request.


Bulky metal braces were yesterday. Today, many malocclusions can be corrected faster, more comfortably and more inconspicuously with InVisalign.

During a no-obligation initial consultation, we explain the treatment and take a moulding. After that, we create a digital treatment plan with a before-and-after view based on a virtual 3D model.

When you place the order, clear plastic splints are produced for you in a short time and the treatment can start. Every 4-6 weeks we then assess the progress and you receive new splints.

Depending on the individual case and the required splints, the treatment can then be completed in less than 6 months.

Zahnarzt Berlin Invisalign
Zahnarzt Berlin Veneers


Sometimes perfection is required. Veneers are the best choice for certain aesthetic problems such as unsightly anterior discoloration or minor malocclusions.

After an initial consultation and subsequent pretreatment, custom-fit, ultra-thin ceramic veneers are fabricated for you and then cemented in place.

Thanks to our well-coordinated team and our own dental laboratory, we can offer you high-quality consultation and fabrication from a single source.


Bright white teeth are considered aesthetic by many people and contribute to their well-being.

During bleaching, individual teeth or entire rows of teeth are gently whitened.

We offer professional bleaching under medical supervision. In this process, after professional teeth cleaning, your teeth are treated with a special gel, which is then irradiated with UV light.

After a short time, you will be able to go home with a smile that is several shades brighter.

Zahnarzt Berlin Zahn-Bleaching
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