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Berlindent Zahnersatz Implantate Berlin

New is sometimes better.

Whether one tooth or many: We offer everything that is possible to replace your teeth. Of course, only if it is really necessary and you want it.

20 years experience

We have been specializing in implant restoration and combined dentures for 20 years.

Own laboratory

Our in-house laboratory in the practice and the well-coordinated team ensure efficiency and high quality in prosthetic care.

Zahnarzt Berlin Zahnersatz Kronen Prothesen Implantate

Dental implants

No need to keep a gap. If a tooth is missing and it is not time for removable dentures yet, implants are a good choice. Because an implant preserves the bone and prevents the otherwise often necessary grinding of healthy teeth.

We will be happy to advise you whether implants are suitable for you and, if so, which ones - and, if you wish, provide you with the appropriate implant.

For the stabilization of dentures, we can also offer you a cost-effective therapy with mini-implants as an alternative to conventional implants.

Dental prostheses

Sometimes it's time for something new. When all preventive and tooth-preserving measures no longer help, replacements are needed, especially for multiple gaps between teeth.

We will advise you in detail about all the options and then fabricate partial or complete dentures, according to your wishes and using the latest process technologies. Individual, with precise fit, high quality and - thanks to our experienced dental technicians - at a healthy price-performance ratio.

Our in-house laboratory in the practice and the well-coordinated team guarantee that work steps such as individual shade matching or repairs are carried out safely and in a time-optimized manner.

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Berlindent Zahnärzte Berlin Leistung Endodontie

Dental surgery

Sometimes you just have to part ways. If a tooth can no longer be saved, or the wisdom tooth causes problems, removal is often the only option.

We offer you all the standard procedures of modern oral surgery for this purpose: from simple tooth removal to implantology.

To do this, we use modern magnification and loupe systems, as well as only materials that are scientifically recommended as safe and practical.

Nitrous oxide sedation

Afraid of pain? Don't worry, you are not alone. There are many people who, after bad experiences and a long ordeal, often do not dare to go to the dentist despite discomfort.

We take your concerns seriously and offer the right anesthesia in the appropriate dosage for each patient. Thanks to nitrous oxide sedation, we can treat you painlessly and even perform extensive restorations in just one session. Especially with children, this ensures a quick success of the therapy and prevents fear of the dentist from arising in the first place.

The treatment takes place on an outpatient basis at our premises and is supervised by an experienced team.

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