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Tooth conservation.

Berlindent Zahnprophylaxe Berlin

Prevention is better than drilling.

Whether children or adults: we offer everything that helps to keep your teeth healthy. Preferably before something happens.


Regular check-ups help to detect potential dental diseases such as caries at an early stage before they become a problem.

Acute treatment

In case of acute toothache, it is better to visit the dentist sooner rather than later. This way, more serious consequences can often be avoided.

Zahnarzt Berlin Prophylaxe Vorsorge-Untersuchung


Do something good for your teeth. A professional dental cleaning protects against caries and periodontitis and prevents extensive sanitation in the long term.

It also has an aesthetic effect. Because bright white teeth are considered an expression of health and vitality.

Be visibly inspired - by our customized whitening methods and helpful tips that will make your smile shine for the long term.

Periodontal treatment

Periodontal disease is not a joke. The widespread disease actually called "periodontitis" can attack and permanently damage the gums and bones if left untreated.

That is why prevention, diagnosis and timely therapy are the be-all and end-all in the treatment of bone recession.

We will provide you with a precise initial diagnosis and, if necessary, have state-of-the-art options on site to eliminate the causative problem germs - such as lasers and photodynamic therapy.

Zahnarzt Berlin Zahnreinigung Invisalign Bleaching
Zahnarzt Berlin Endodontie Wurzelbehandlung

Root treatment / Endodontics

Sometimes the problem lies at the root. What feels like a normal toothache may be an indication of inflamed tooth roots.

Root canal treatment involves removing the inflammation in the root canals and then filling them. The tooth is preserved as far as possible.

Don't panic, it sounds worse than it is. And thanks to our surgical microscope and experienced team, it's quick and as painless as possible.

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